Boat Storage

Boat STORAGE In Canyon lake TEXAS

Canyon Lake Boat and RV Storage is a great place to store boats. There are enclosed, covered, and outside storage options. With video surveillance, security lighting, and industrial fencing, your boat is secured. Reclaim your garage or your yard. Use your boat more often because it is near beautiful Canyon Lake.

Multiple options for your boat storage needs

Covered, Enclosed And Outside Storage


24/7 Access to your boat storage unit.

24/7 Access to your boat

Access your boat when the mood hits you. Early or late, you are welcome.

Your Boat storage is secure with Surveillance.

24/7 video Surveillance

Your boat is safe. The high tech cameras are on capturing every moment. An industrial fence surrounds the facility.


Extra room to maneuver

The entry way and roads are big enough to accommodate the largest of boats. The roads are 60 feet wide and the entrance is 20 feet wide.

Many options and Storage units available for your boat.

Storage Accommodations

Multiple storage options. Store your boat in an enclosed space, under a roof, or outside regardless of the size. We can accommodate you.

Store your boat in Canyon lake and save on gas.

Less Expensive Than Storing Near the City

Save money and fuel by storing your boat where you are going to use it. Compare the rates yourself. Spare your truck the miles of towing a trailer, and keep the cash in your wallet instead of paying for extra gas.

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Refuling Is Easy

Pick up fuel near by at the local convenient store, just ONE MILE away!

How to get the most out of your boating experience at Canyon Lake.

Pick up your boat From Canyon Lake Boat & RV Storage

Pick up your boat at Canyon Lake Boat and RV Storage and head out.

On your way you might hit up Fisherman’s Corner, just a minute away, for bait and lures. They carry minnows, shad, worms, shrimp, frozen bait, trout bait, and prepared bait. They even have tied flies. If you need another rod, you can pick one up here. Even better is Frank’s Bait Shop open 24 hours at 20115 on Highway 306. Ring the bell for service.

A mile on 306 toward 281 will take you to a Valero for gas.

There is a Sonic Drive-In, Villanova’s Pizza, or a Subway restaurant for food. There are other restaurants including places to sit down and enjoy a meal, but you can also just hit up the Hancock Mini-Mart or the Brookshire Brothers Grocery Store for snacks and beverages as well as ice for your cooler.

Potters Creek Park and boat launch (boat ramp 21) is three and a half miles away. Park Shores on Lakeshore Drive (boat ramp 22) is 3.3 miles away. Cranes Mill North (boat ramp 23) is 2.4 miles away. These launches have accessible boat ramps with a place to dock your boat while you are parking your trailer. They are also 24 hours and free. The lake is large enough to support 7 parks and there are numerous boat launches available all over the lake.

Boating ON canyon Lake

Once you are out on the water you will remember why you come to Canyon Lake. It is a beautiful setting. It has a surface area of over 8,000 acres with a maximum depth of 125 feet. Cast out and fish with largemouth bass, white bass, or fight for a striped bass. Other fish include catfish, sunfish, crappie, and smallmouth bass. Largemouth bass enthusiasts have the best luck in the spring, fall, and winter. White and striped bass are more common to catch in the summer. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) stocks the lake with striped bass because the striped bass do not successfully reproduce in the lake on their own. TPWD also rates the White and Striped Bass and Catfish catch rates as excellent.

The eastern side of the lake features Overlook Park where there is a beach and swimming. Keep and eye on the shore, as the parks that surround the lake feature abundant wildlife including deer. Catfish varieties include channel, blue, and flathead.

Wash your boat at Daddy Frank’s Classic Car Wash and stow away your boat when your visit to Canyon Lake is complete. As the sun sets, finish the day at one of the local bars. Locals enjoy the Wagon Wheel Bar and Dancehall and the Midnight Express. There you can tell the story of the day on the lake, the catfish you caught, and the largemouth bass that stole your best lure. Canyon Lake Boat and RV Storage is here to serve you. We love the lake, and look forward to hearing how you enjoy your time on it.